Process Driven vs Outcome Driven

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and she asked me….

”Do you ever hate doing something, but at the same time you love how it makes you feel and the outcome you get after?”  

“I love wearing makeup, but HATE the process of doing it. If I can snap my fingers and have my make up done for me, I 100% would”. 

What she was saying was she loved the OUTCOME, but hated the process.

And I realized that I used to be the same way about 2 years ago with my weight loss.

I HATED the process of exercising every day.

Like why couldn’t I just have a quick fix and have it done already?

 If I could have snapped my fingers and shed 30 pounds putting me at my goal weight, I definitely would. 

So I continued to look for and spend money on quick weight loss products and programs. If they promised quick results, I bought it. 

I eventually was so frustrated that NONE of it was working...I kept failing every time.

I finally decided to spend more time LEARNING about weight loss to really get the answers and solutions I wanted. 

And by doing this…

I started to fall in love with the PROCESS. 

I loved reaching checkpoints. 

And hitting another milestone.

And learning something new.

I didn’t want my “makeup” to just be done...I wanted to have fun doing it. 

When you stop focusing on how LONG it is taking, and just enjoy the process…

Weight loss becomes a lot easier. 

And it LASTS for longer, unlike all those products I tried. 

 Why put so much effort into losing weight if you aren’t truly learning how to KEYP it off for good?

I know you want that weight to come off NOW…

...and all you can think about is QUICK results….

…. but I promise if you learn to love the PROCESS, you are going to have so much more FUN.

The process of starting. 

The process of showing up day in and day out.

The process of being patient and trusting what you are doing, and never giving up.

This is what matters most because the process is what helps you develop the habits and mindset needed to sustain whatever outcome or result you are chasing.. Forever. 

Are you an outcome-oriented or process-oriented person? 

Let me know in the comments!

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